Just Write


                                             ⫷ Psst. Stuck? Have a look at the “warm-ups” page up there in the top part o’ the blog.⫸

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3 thoughts on “Just Write

  1. Indeed, the only way to become a great writer is to write! I used to spend a lot of time planning, but you never really know if what you write is any good until it’s on paper, or even until you leave it a while to stew! Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks! And I’m impressed by the sense of immediacy and detail in your writing. Obviously, you set a good example because you do a lot of it, rather than just sitting around waiting for the rare event of inspiration.

  2. motherhendiaries says:

    Oh yes..absolutely! How many times have i sat down at the keyboard and thought…”now what?” But to start…somewhere…anywhere…it’s to court inspiration.

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