Presents of Mind

On good days the Muse brings me "presents" for my writer's mind to play with. But those days are rare.

Ma Fée Blanche

white-moscatoI can’t stand the taste of most alcoholic beverages and I hate to throw up, so I shun parties and refuse to go to bars unless there’s no way to get out of it. As a student I learned to be a professional party evader. I’ve also been a nomad most of my life. The results have been that my only long-term friendships have been books.

As a writer I could use the goose of the benevolent muse, sometimes. You know how it is, when nothing comes on those writing days? When just the thought of facing the page is worse than eating glass? But you drag yourself there and write hours’ worth of pure, unmitigated crap? At least if you’re baked with benevolence, your mean muse, the one holding a gun to your head saying “Just write the fucking story,” has to back off, at least for a little while.

When I was growing up my parents were lushes and kept a well-stocked liquor cabinet and a steady supply of beer in the fridge. I was more of a Coca-Cola aficionado myself, so I found the sweeter liqueurs more appealing, since the parents gave me 24/7 access to their fermented beverage supply. No doubt if I’d have actually shown an affinity toward booze, they’d have locked it up in a safe faster than you can say Jack Daniels.

When we lived in Southwest Asia, Western liqueurs were relatively cheap and easy to find in markets that catered to Westerners. As a result I developed a keen appreciation for Drambuie and Cherry Heering. And when I went to Moscow my friend and I made the major error of drinking too much cherry juice and vodka at the Bolshoi Ballet during intermission. Sufficiently inebriated we found our way back downstairs and when the curtains went up again we shouted at the dancers until everyone in the audience turned to stare at us. I don’t know why the authorities never kicked us out, but, then, I don’t remember much about the ballet either.

Fast-forward to a wedding I attended some years ago. I didn’t know the bride or the groom, but that didn’t stop me from drinking glass-loads of something that tasted divine from an enormous champagne fountain in the center of a table at the reception. It was absolutely the best alcoholic beverage I’d ever tasted. I was so drunk from it I forgot to ask the hosts what it was, and I gave up a long time ago, thinking I’d never find out.

That is until today when someone set a bottle of Barefoot moscoto on the kitchen table and I poured a swallow into a mug and tasted it. Bingo. I recognized the taste from the wedding. I’m in love.

Reviews are mixed on the Barefoot brand, but there are many others out there. This is a new day. Oh, joy. Oh, inspiration. Okay, I’m a lightweight, and no connoisseur, but I think I found my Fée Blanche, my white fairy.

Could this be the beginning of a beautiful relationship?


6 comments on “Ma Fée Blanche

  1. Kate's Bookshelf
    April 25, 2014

    I love the term Fee Blanche. If I am going to indulge when I write, it’s usually with some form of Irish whiskey, but a good sweet wine is lovely. Out here in CA we have an Oak Leaf Moscato that is lovely. I know what you mean, who can drink just one….

    • inkandpages
      April 25, 2014

      Yes, a good, sweet wine is lovely, as long as it’s light and every-so-slightly effervescent. Anything heavy and it’s lost down the pipes under the house.

      • Kate's Bookshelf
        April 25, 2014

        I reserve the heavy wines, IE the merlots and pinot noirs, for a good steak, spaghetti, or something for dinner. But other than that, no. Light is usually quite useful for writing….. or coffee. Though that usually ends up cold… I don’t do well drinking anything hot when I write. 😛

        • inkandpages
          April 25, 2014

          Hot sweet tea with milk is my writing beverage of choice. It’s actually a fetish. Can’t start writing without it. I know nothing about wines, and marvel at those like yourself who can a) drink them regularly without getting ill and b) know which wines go with what and all the names etc.

  2. motherhendiaries
    April 20, 2014

    Steady…. steady…..:-) This is dangerous stuff for the lightweight! I am, sadly, not a lightweight. (Or, at least I don’t think I am.) But in my younger (and lighter) days, I remember being on the receiving end of a few sharp looks now and again. I found that gaining 4o pounds and 30 years has put an end to that scenario. Either I hold it very well now or I have learned the blessed art of self control. Or maybe both…:-) Enjoy your Fee Blanche while she remains. She’s a fickle one.

    • inkandpages
      April 20, 2014

      I read somewhere that if you can limit this stuff to one 5-oz glass you’re ingesting 125 calories.The problem is, who wants to stop at 5 ounces when you have a novel to finish? And think of the tremendous number of hours we spend just sitting around with keyboard or pen. A wonder we aren’t all mountainous hulks of flesh.

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